Meet: Paul van Mondfrans Lindén
Born in Sweden, raised in the Netherlands.

When I was a youngster I already knew I would love a diverse working life. The adventure that comes with being an entrepreneur is something that excites me enormously. I'm a commercial photographer at heart but I'm always on the look-out for interesting business opportunities. Besides my photography work I'm a passionate director and co-owner at video production company OOVC, co-founder of watch brand URBN22 and investor (and active user) of the Amigos app. I also rent out a villa in Bali for people that want to indulge themselves in a well-deserved luxury working break.

Combining my human skills as a director and my technical skills as a photographer.

I gained online recognition as the photographer for Ironwood Motorcycles, where custom motorcycles are developed by my great friend Arjan van den Boom. His motorcycles are sold worldwide to both Hollywood actors and Formula 1 drivers. All the pictures I took were used on my socials. My Instagram grew alongside Arjans instagram and we still travel the world together to combine our photography and modelling skills for a growing number of clients that appreciate our content and lifestyle approach. We have a combined reach of over 300K followers on Instagram.

My strength lies in combining my human skills as a director and my technical skills as a photographer. My goal is to always place myself in the position of my client to make sure I show their products from a beautiful yet commercial perspective.

When I am not working on some cool stuff you can probably find me on the golf course where I proudly represent my sponsors Kaddey, Puma Golf and Cobra Golf. Feel free to hit me up for an afternoon round!



Ekster Wallets

DMD helmets

Rotorcraft Watches

Kaddey Golf

BMW Motorrad


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